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In a bleak future, former human colonies on Earth, the Moon and Mars are now ruled by robots, and humans are thought to be wiped out. However, a few survivors are rumored to have escaped and fled into unknown regions of space. You play a peaceful humanoid alien whose mission is to save the last remnants of humankind from extinction, and bring peace to both races.

A narrative-based 2.5D platformer shooter game with low-poly 3d assets, based on a peaceful alien whose goal is to save humankind from extinction. As the player adventures through the levels the story gradually unfolds.

NOTE: This is  a uni project, it is far from perfected, but I hope you enjoy playing it ;)


Left Mouse Click: Select Menu Options

Right Arrow / D-Key: Run Right

Left Arrow / A-Key: Run Left

Space-Bar Key: Jump

Alt Key (Left/Right): Fire Laser Gun to Stun Enemies

Escape Key (During Play): Pause Menu


When prompted (on opening application), set to 1280 x 720


Nathan Sharp - Level Design, Programming, Narrative, Game Concept, 3D Modelling / Texturing, Animation, 2D Art

Jessey Napthali - Audio (Character Sounds, Level Sounds)

Preston Hawkes - Audio (Background Music)


Bree Paige - Voice Acting (Zera)

Install instructions

Just unzip the "Zera_v13.7z" file > run the executable build "Zera_Build_V13.exe"

Note: ya gotta keep the data folder "Zera_Build_V13_Data" in the same folder as the executable file ;)


Zera_V13.7z 48 MB

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